I just upgraded my video card to a Nvidia 7900 GS AGP, But the colors are all messed up and I can't figure out how to fix this. I downloaded the latest drivers.

I get 2 7900 GS cards operating SLI. In your event that you've the identical get your video on top of Google and Youtube then you Youtube Video SEO can go in order to control Panel > NVIDIA Manage Panel > Display > Operate Display Optimization Wizard. This will walk a person through tuning your montior to match your card. I am aware they may be PCI-e and your own is actually AGP, yet I believe the drivers would end up being the same. Yet Another thing you could verify is the Youtube Optimization monitor cable. I had 1 your would result throughout the whites look blue and if you moved your cable your white would shine bright again.

Good Luck

. My driver variation will be dated 10/24/2007

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