14 Cute Child Stars Who Grew Up To Be Ugly

He might certainly not be ugly, but searching "average" features got being very challenging to somebody who was once thus cute. The Lady was only 34 yrs . old when the lady died. Though individuals despise the character the lady played about the show, there is no denying that they was a cute kid. He even had the actual role involving Forest Gump's Son within the movie Forest Gump. He starred within numerous movies which includes "The Sixth Sense" and also "Pay This Forward". Dana Plato played her role upon Diff'rent Strokes using Gary Coleman, that furthermore helps help make the set of the actual 14 cute kid stars whom spent my youth to check unattractive.

Alison Arngrim

Haley Joel Osment was the quintessential male youngster movie actor with the 1990's. Although he could be will zero longer which cute child actor, he does look much far better than a fantastic many other regarding the child actors once they have grown up. With least he wasn't one of the actual 7 Famous Crack Smokers.

Macaulay Culkin

Alison Arngrim is best noted for playing the actual role of the annoying "Nellie Oleson" in "The little house around the Prairie. Mark has been the actual youngest child. In Which will be all he could be famous for. too poor the particular cuteness turned into hideousness.

Robert MacNaughton is known for playing the role regarding Elliot's Brother inside the movie E.T. Yeah he offers played within other movies, nevertheless he will always be known as the "Home By Yourself Kid". An Individual could even say Michael Jackson ended up being an actor, as the full-length Thriller audio video can be basically a movie short. Your Woman could possess grown up being beautiful, nevertheless drugs ravished the girl body. He will be no longer which cute kid actor; he now merely looks oddly just similar to a younger variation regarding "Doc" from "Back to the Future".

Taran is renowned for his role as "Mark" around the sitcom Residence Improvement. As a younger child actor he was most well known for playing "Beans" about the television series "Even Stevens". Danny provides since grown up and now looks such as Pastor Ed Young Grapevine Texas an outlaw biker that has held it's location in prison.

Aging is part of the process of having old, yet unfortunately a few cute kid stars possess grown up being therefore not necessarily cute. Any white Michael Jackson would of looked pretty good to, except he began several weird plastic surgery operations that will obviously didn't function out to well with regard to him. Here are the 14 cutest kid stars that will spent my youth to be among the not necessarily so quite crowd.

Macaulay Culkin is the cute little one from your hit movie "Home Alone". He can not even blame drugs with regard to his looks, just his DNA gene pool.

Judy Garland is nearly all beneficial identified on her starring role about the Wizard involving Oz movie. When she began to be able to grow older something went horrendously incorrect along with your ex gene pool. He definitely is will absolutely no longer that will gorgeous child. The Lady was a cute teenager around the show; nevertheless the woman's drug as well as alcohol problems began during this stage associated with the girl life. The Lady proceeded to experience in many cheesy B grade movies. Vitilgo can end up being a disease that causes your skin to become able to whiten. Even though he ended up being an incredibly cute and also skilled kid actor, his cuteness is definitely gone pertaining to good.

Gary Coleman

Ron Howard

Dana Plato played Kimberly Drummond about the present Diff'rent Strokes. Whenever he was obviously a adolescent he had charm much like James Dean. The Lady truly became pregnant although starring on Diff'rent Strokes so that they really laid your ex off for any season. today he can end up being as adorable as becoming a dirty diaper. I feel he should just shave his head bald and that he would be excellent for you to go. He would be a sexual icon...and he then ended up being clinically decided to be able to have Vitilgo. He had been like Justin Bieber occasions 1,000. I'm certainly not declaring he could be ugly...I am simply wondering WTF happened.

. He had been for your most portion your greatest behaved of the three characters around the show. Danny had girls swooning over him from most across the world. in 1999 the lady overdosed on drugs as well as died. after your display ended Taran Noah Smith made the actual decision that he failed to want to complete acting anymore.

Haley Joel Osment

Steven Anthony Lawrence

Judy Garland

Dana Plato

Robert MacNaughton

Taran Noah Smith

Michael Jackson was obviously a cute kid and a extremely hot teenager.
Danny Bondaduce

Michael Oliver is renowned for playing the particular role involving "Junior" within the movie "Problem Child". He was obviously a cute child and a very handsome teenager. The Lady was extremely cute child, the cute teen, and even a new quite small adult. His catchphrase had been "What'choo talkin' 'bout, Willis?" This cute kid actor was raised being a "Diff'rent Stokes" kind regarding guy. He had been forced to perform as a security guard, married a girl coming from Utah, got arrested a couple of times, and ultimately died. And for everybody that will thinks all "little people" are usually cute, don't just forget about Bushwick Bill from the rap team the actual Geto Boys.

Michael Jackson

Danny Bondaduce was a globe famous star on the "Partridge Family". today his looks possess the charm of among the really best poisonous spiders inside the world. Maybe he's not ugly per se, yet he definitely features not really been the most graceful ager. Throughout the particular early 1980's the white girls wanted to sleep along with him as significantly as the actual colored girls did. Taran offers since grown up, and inside just about all probability won't be performing any kind of acting pertaining to Calvin Klein underwear. His fortune had been gone, his cuteness has been gone, and his awesome funds has been gone. He gave up acting as well as functions for that U.S. He looks eerily similar to Dylan Klebold who's infamous for that Columbine Shootings.

Ron Howard is known for playing Opie around the Andy Griffith Show also as playing your Pastor Ed Young Grapevine Texas role involving Richie Cunningham about the television display "Happy Days". Donald Trump includes a better locks design then Ron Howard.

Edward Furlong

Michael Oliver

Steven Anthony Lawrence offers played throughout numerous television exhibits along with movies. I hate his hair style. The Lady ended up being super hot as an adult, yet when your woman hit the girl senior citizen bingo playing years her drug use took a new drastic toll and stole virtually any remaining physical beauty she had left.

Edward Furlong ended up being an attractive adolescent who's most well noted for his roles within "American History X" and also "Terminator 2: Judgment Day". Yeah his character would always be a butthead, nevertheless he had been so dang adorable. Postal Service[2475]. 

Gary Coleman is best known since the cute youngster actor about the display "Diff'rent Strokes". He had genuinely broken the actual colour barrier

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