Who Killed Phylicia Barnes, age 16?

The FBI wants to check your social media accounts regarding four men in Baltimore, that may possess interacted using Ms. These WEb 2.0 accounts People have got obtained warrants to have information coming from numerous Facebook accounts and America On-line and also Yahoo email accounts. Barnes may help the particular investigators acquire more information regarding the woman's online interactions.

The murder associated with Phylicia Barnes of North Carolina happened when she was just grow older 16. The Particular info the actual FBI finds could show several hyperlinks into a network regarding predators, or perhaps it could just show a new teenage girl interacting together with the woman's friends.

For now, Phylicia's family and also pals have many unanswered questions. Will the particular records coming from Phylicia's on-line actions lead investigators in order to your ex killer?

The FBI is actually looking in to social media accounts that will could become associated to Phylicia Barnes. A Few with the accounts include interaction with men inside Baltimore, that is exactly where Phylicia ended up being going to a new relative when your woman disappeared, notes the particular Charlotte Observer.

The final thing Ms. The Woman's cell telephone wasn't active next date. The Woman's entire body had been seen in April inside the Susquehanna River. Barnes had been last seen about December 28. Barnes is known to possess done has been publish any note about Facebook that she was in their stepsister's residence with almost all the stepsister's then boyfriend, notes ABC News. The Actual teenager was a straight-A student and a senior inside senior high school in the period of your ex death. Ms. Your trigger associated with death has not been revealed towards the public.

There are generally fears that the murder of Phylicia Barnes was connected to little one pornography or a pedophilia ring. It is actually eerie that a new teen girl could just disappear along with therefore few clues left. In case you have any information about the girl disappearance as well as murder, contact the particular Baltimore, Maryland police.

http://gather.com/who-killed-phylicia-barnes-age-16/. Generally there can be a $25,000 compensate regarding details that contributes to an arrest inside the murder of Phylicia Barnes. Barnes, notes ABC News.

Hopefully your social media accounts used by Ms. the FBI is currently operating to get usage of the girl social media accounts to choose whom she ended up being interacting using before the girl death

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