This guy’s got a Den Haag future ahead.

He has progressively as compared to 20 videos associated with mostly songs cover up as well as approximately fans spanning the particular globe.

He is all about to carry on tour around the “Pop Nation “ tour along with some other new artists. In your young ages of 17, Nick Drossos is an Australian Pop singer and also dancer and also would love to be your subsequent Chris Brown or Justin Timberlake.

He offers a lot more that 80K twitter followers and a really big next on Facebook, Instagram and also Vine. and he has been referred in order to as “a rising star” on Youtube as well.

He is actually operating with LA producers at as Nick De soon as in his debut album being launched inside the US throughout 2015.

This teen albumin singer is unquestionably the one and only to watch pertaining to 2015 as he is set to take in the world together together with his music

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